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Preschool curriculum India

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Preschool Curriculum, worksheets, songs, stories, art and craft and all activities.

Buy Playgroup curriculum designed for Preschool ages 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years of age. Day Wise complete year.

Buy Nursery Curriculum framed as per the Latest and most advanced educational standards ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years of age.  Day wise complete year.

Buy Junior Kindergarten Curriculum framed as per the Latest and most advanced educational standards ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 years of age.Complete year day wise

Step by step curriculum  Helps teachers to know how to teach kids step by step in advance. Making your school stand out to be the best and on the top level.

Entire curriculum. Printables, activities, and crafts, While the basics are covered each year, variety is given in every year.

We offer a 10 month preschool curriculum program including daily lesson plans. 


Learn Every Day about School
Learn Every Day about Me
Learn Every Day about Me and My Family
Learn Every Day about My Five Senses 

Identify emotions and express feelings
Each family is unique and special  

Daily schedule and routine.  
People who work at their school.
Understanding one's body and emotions 
Children will understand everyone has strengths as well as weaknesses. 
Learn about the world around us. 
Our eye ears, nose, mouth, and skin send the information they gather to our brains. 
Experiences using senses are likely to be remembered.
Cooperation and trust
Everyone learns differently  

Experiences will enable children to relate to others. 
They will learn about family and relations
Children will identify activities that families can enjoy together.

Preschool curriculum  program 

List of covered topics
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Small Muscle/ Manipulatives
Beads, peg sets, puzzles, lotto, parquetry, small blocks, Legoes
Eye-hand coordination, small muscle development, colors, sizes, numbers, space relationships, shapes, language, likeness/ differencesHelp a child who seems to need it. Let the child have the satisfaction of success. Rotate materials to keep children's interest.

Creative Activities
Painting, clay, markers, glue, playdough, chalk, crayons, scissors, tape

Set up the materials attractively. Give simple suggestions which will aid child in satisfying use. Emphasize the experience, not the end product. Do not make models or ask "What is it?" Encourage the child to talk about it, if s/he wishes. Write the child's name on the back of the work in manuscript alphabet. Let child print own name if able.

Large and small blocks used with various accessories such as trucks, cars, trains, animal figures, people figures and houses, etc.
Guide building away from shelves so that blocks are accessible. Keep area reasonably clear. Put blocks away which are not in use from time to time. Do not allow blocks to be thrown or built any higher than the shoulder of the shortest child in the area.
Dramatic Play Occasionally arrange materials if needed to stimulate play. Give simple suggestions if a child needs help entering play.

Sensory Materials
Water, sand, etc.
Give minimal direction. Sit low and nearby. Materials may not be thrown. Encourage talking about the materials and help develop measuring concepts if the child is interested.
Large Muscle
Climber, slides, balance beams, rocking boat, etc.

Always watch carefully.
Avoid crowding or pushing.
Feet first down slides.
Children's hands must be free of toys when climbing.
Carpentry Careful supervision is needed.
Tools must be used safely.
Limits must be firmly enforced.
Science experiences Share interesting objects. Encourage the children's curiosity. Help them to look, listen, feel, smell and discover.
Clean-up A short time before clean-up warn children that it will soon be time to end the play. Encourage children to help by giving them a task to do.
Storytelling Provide comfortable atmosphere. Choose books wisely. Show interest in reading.
Bathroom and handwashing Allow time for child to be self sufficient. Assist as needed. Be sure to wash hands.
Snack Set an example of courtesy and friendliness
Encourage conversation and sampling the foods offered.
Singing, dancing, rhythms and games.
Be a part of the music circle.
Participate by singing, dancing, etc.
Field Trips
(Not appropriate for Toddler groups).

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